The Link amplifier is used to increase the Portal Link Range of a Portal, and it’s one of the new mods from Ingress v 1.28.1.


Each deployed Link Amplifier will increase the linking range of a Portal. We only have the Rare type for now and we will update values as soon as we get the info:

  • Rare = +2x Link range
  • Very Rare = +7x Link range

Diminished returns on each new Link Amplifier deployed:

With every deployed Link Amplifier you get less and less benefit from them.  This is a way to discourage the deployment of the same mods on a portal.

  • First = x1 range
  • Second = x0.25 range
  • Third = x0.125 range
  • Forth = x0.125 range

So you can see with only one Rare Link amplifier you get 2x range and with 4 Rare Link amplifiers you  get 3x range!

So now maximum portal range is 655.36 km * 10.5 = 6881.28 km

Who is going to be first to Create this MEGA Control Field!?


XM Cost:

Same as all other Portal Mods

  • Common = 400 XM
  • Rare = 800 XM
  • Very rare = 1000 XM