Turrets are used to increase the rate of portal attacks. Turrets are the  most rumored and long awaited Portal Mod. They are making attacking some farms very hard. It’s a great combo with the new Force Amplifier mod.


Each deployed Turret increases the attack frequency and hit bonus of Portal. We only have the Rare type for now and we will update values as soon as we get the info:

  • Rare = +2x Attack Frequency +0.2 Hit Bonus

Stats decrease

With every deployed Turret you get less and less benefit from them, so keep that in mind so you will be more efficient in your use of turrets. This is a way to discourage the deployment of the same mods on portal and to keep portals from being too powerful.

  • First one = +2x 
  • Second one = +0.25x 
  • Third one = +0.125
  • Forth one = +0.125x 

So the maximum increase in attack frequency is 3x and 0.8 hit bonus.


XM Cost:

Same as all other Portal Mods

  • Common = 400 XM
  • Rare = 800 XM
  • Very rare = 1000 XM