From Ingress version 1.25.1 Agents can recycle items to gain XM. Its a lot better than just dropping them and cluttering the map with all the unwanted items or running the risk of an enemy agent picking them up. Too many items dropped in a small area can actually cause scanner crashes.

We did some testing and here is what we found out:

Media Items:

XM Gain = Media Item Level * 20

Power Cubes:

XM Gain = Power Cube Level * 20


XM Gain = Resonator Level * 20

XMP Bursters:

XM Gain = XMP Level * 20

Table for Media, Resonators, XMP & Power Cubes:

  • L1 = +20 XM
  • L2 = +40 XM
  • L3 = +60 XM
  • L4 = +80 XM
  • L5 = +100 XM
  • L6 = +120 XM
  • L7 = +140 XM
  • L8 = +160 XM


  • Common = +40 XM
  • Rare = +80 XM
  • Very Rare = +100 XM

Portal Keys:

+20 XM

ADA Refactor & Jarvis Virus:

+100 XM

Other Info:

One more thing, you can recycle items that are any higher level than you, so L2 agents can recycle L8 Items!  This can be an excellent source of XM at points of need without available Power Cubes, especially if the agent is not high enough to use the L7/L8 items.

Another strategy is to recycle enough L7(or lower) resonators/XMPs to gain just enough XM to fire another L8 XMP.  This minimizes XM loss and effectively neutralizes the advantages that Force Amps and Turrets add to a portal’s defenses.