Resonators are key Ingress items for building Portals. They are used to gain control of and level up Portals for your Faction. Every resonator contains XM energy, and with every level it contains more XM. Each Portal has 8 slots for resonators and you can deploy or upgrade them. They are the only items that decay (lose XM) over time.  Like every item it can be dropped, picked up or recycled. They are obtained by Hacking Portals or using Passcodes.


Resonators can range from level 1 to level 8. Each resonator level is visually different and they all have different amount of energy that they can hold. The Portal level depends on deployed resonators, they also affect how far you can link.

Energy per ingress resonator:

  • Level 1 : 1000 XM
  • Level 2 : 1500 XM
  • Level 3 : 2000 XM
  • Level 4 : 2500 XM
  • Level 5 : 3000 XM
  • Level 6 : 4000 XM
  • Level 7 : 5000 XM
  • Level 8 : 6000 XM


All Resonators are classified as very common type, meaning your odds of hacking them are very high. Maybe in the future we will see some other types of resonators, but as of now it seems very unlikely.



Here are the XM gain values for recycling Resonators: XM gain = ResonatorLvl * 20

  • Level 1 : 20 XM
  • Level 2 : 40 XM
  • Level 3 : 60 XM
  • Level 4 : 80 XM
  • Level 5 : 100 XM
  • Level 6 : 120 XM
  • Level 7 : 140 XM
  • Level 8 : 160 XM


Resonators are the only items in Ingress that will decay over time, but only when they are deployed. When you deploy a resonator to a portal it will decay 15% of its max energy every day. If it is not recharged, it will decay after 7 days. It is very important to keep them recharged and to use Portal Keys to perform remote recharge!


Just like any other item in the game, you can drop a resonator as well. It will stay there for 12 hours and disappear if nobody picks it up.