Deploying resonators is critical for you and your Faction’s progress. Deploying a resonator can capture Portals or level them up. To deploy resonators you need to know the general rules, the best ways to deploy, and the best practices.

Deploy Resonator Rules:

  • Portal must be neutral or captured by your faction.
  • Portal needs to have a free slot for resonator – “octant”.
  • You need to have enough XM to perform the action
  • You can only use resonators that are your level or lower (See the Deploy Resonator Level Limit below)
  • You need to be at the action range from the portal in order to deploy a resonator. (Portal should be inside the circle that is around player icon in the map view)

Deploy Resonator Level Limit:

There are additional rules for deploying higher level Resonators, there are a limited number of resonators of each level that you can deploy on one portal! Here is how many Resonators of different levels you can deploy on a single portal:

  • 8 x L1 Resonators
  • 4 x L2 Resonators
  • 4 x L3 Resonators
  • 4 x L4 Resonators
  • 2 x L5 Resonators
  • 2 x L6 Resonators
  • 1 x L7 Resonators
  • 1 x L8 Resonators

Ways to deploy resonator:

There are 3 ways to deploy resonators.

  • Using Deploy Resonator button on Portal Info Screen
  • When you touch and hold portal on Map view, Deploy button is shown on the right of it as one of quick action button.
  • When you are in Portal Upgrade window and when you move to empty octant (best way to make a higher level portal without deploying 8 L1 resonators and then Upgrading).

Other info

There are 8 resonator slots – Octants – which are placed in cardinal directions: north, northeast, east, southeast, south, southwest, west and northwest from the portal. When resonators are deployed, the distance between them and the portal is the same as the distance between the player and the portal. So, the further away the player is from the portal, the further away the resonator will be placed. When they are deployed, resonators can be seen on the map view, and you can see the distance and the narrow energy stream connecting the resonator to its portal. This is difficult to see in the densely populated urban areas. The first slot in which the resonator will be deployed is the one that is empty and closest to player’s location. The Deploy resonator button will not be active if all the rules from above are not fulfilled.

Portal Level

A Portal’s level is dependent on the level of all resonators that are deployed on it, and you can get more info at Portal page.

Best Practices

The best tactic is to deploy your resonators as far from the portal as possible, because this makes it harder to hit them all in one XMP attack. To minimize portal damage, you should deploy your highest level resonators on opposite sides from each other so that one XMP blast will not damage them as much as it would if you deploy them in neighboring octants. Here is an example of how you should place Resonators if you are L6 Agent and you want to max the portal’s level: L6-L4-L5-L4-L6-L4-L5-L4 in this way your portal will have its highest level resonators evenly distributed in case of attack.


To upgrade resonators, you need to use the upgrade portal action, and you can find out more at the Upgrade Portal page!

AP Gain:

  • + 125 AP – Deploying resonator
  • + 500 AP – Capturing portal (deploying first resonator)
  • + 250 AP – Fill up the portal (deploy to the last available resonator slot)

XM cost

Every deploy action cost you some XM depending on Resonator Level:

  • L1 Resonator = -50 XM
  • L2 Resonator = -100 XM
  • L3 Resonator = -150 XM
  • L4 Resonator = -200 XM
  • L5 Resonator = -250 XM
  • L6 Resonator = -300 XM
  • L7 Resonator = -350 XM
  • L8 Resonator = -400 XM