XMP Bursters are one of the offensive Ingress items, along with Ultra Strikes, the ADA Refactor, and Jarvis Virus.  With them you can destroy resonators, portals, links and control fields. XMP Bursters are leveled from 1 to 8, and each one has a different damage and range. You can only use XMP’s that are lower or equal to your level. Bursters actually only damage Portal Resonators and Mods, but if you destroy 5 out of 8 resonators on one portal, you will destroy all links and control fields that are connected to it. XMPs produce a blast of XM energy in all directions in a radius dependent on the burster level.

Firing Bursters:

With Update 1.32.1, firing bursters has become even easier. Agents still have 2 options for the initial burster though. If you want to start with the highest level burster first, just use the original swype method. Then if you want to change the level after that, use the mini carousel that appears. If you want to start with a lower level burster, use the OPS menu to fire. Either way the mini carousel appears allowing you to change levels without going back through the OPS screen.



Every level of XMP has different damage and range. Damage is done to the XM energy levels on deployed resonators. XMPs only damage enemy resonators that are in range of the XMP attack. Damage is shown in the percentage that is lost, in red above each resonator.

  • L1 = 150 XM
  • L2 = 300 XM
  • L3 = 500 XM
  • L4 = 900 XM
  • L5 = 1200 XM
  • L6 = 1500 XM
  • L7 = 1800 XM
  • L8 = 2700 XM


There is a chance that XMP produces double the normal damage on some of the impacted resonators.


Damage is done in a radial from the firing point, and range depends on the burster level. Here is the damage range by level, current as of Ingress version 1.18.1:

  • L1 = 42 m
  • L2 = 48 m
  • L3 = 58 m
  • L4 = 72 m
  • L5 = 90 m
  • L6 = 112 m
  • L7 = 138 m
  • L8 = 168 m


AP Gain:

  • Destroying Resonator = +75 AP
  • Destroying Link = +187 AP
  • Destroying Control Field = +750 AP

XM Cost:

  • L1 XMP = 10 XM
  • L2 XMP = 20 XM
  • L3 XMP = 70 XM
  • L4 XMP = 140 XM
  • L5 XMP = 250 XM
  • L6 XMP = 360 XM
  • L7 XMP = 490 XM
  • L8 XMP = 640 XM

For tips on the best ways to use Bursters read To Swipe or Not To Swipe