So you are learning and getting around pretty well and you understand all about Portals, Links, Control Fields and so on. But you have a lot of enemy activity in your Ingress region… It’s time to learn how to fight back, and how to fight the best you can.


XMP Attacks

XMP Bursters are very powerful weapons, they can obliterate whole portal farms in the blink of an eye, but you will need to get some firepower, and by that, I mean level up to attack high level portals. You can use XMP’s that are equal or lower level than you. And every time you level up, you will have some new destructive power at your disposal. And every time you will feel a lot more powerful.

First thing first, XMP is an AEO (area of effect) weapon so it’s designed to hit more targets than one, and to do massive damage to the  area close to you. So with each XMP Burst you will hit more than one target. Your targets are Portal resonators, not the actual portal. When you destroy all resonators, the portal becomes neutral and ready to be captured. After destroying 5 of the 8 resonators all Links and Control Fields created from that portal will also be destroyed, and you will be awarded for all of them.

How to Attack:

First off you need to know that the closer you are to the resonator the more damage you will inflict. Each XMP level has a different range, and some can be used to hit more than one resonator. But efficiency is very important, and you don’t want to waste your precious weapons. Damage is also dependent on portal mods that are deployed on the portal, shields will be your worst enemies, and with the new version of shields, the infamous Franken-portals can be built, that you can only do minimum damage to. But you are lucky, there is a perfect tool that can help you practice your Attacking skills: Ingress Portal Attack Simulator (IPAS) and here is a post on how to simulate attacks:

Portal will fight back:

Portals will occasionally attack you if you fire XMP’s close to it, or hack it. And these attacks are no joke! High level portals can suck your XM dry with a few attacks, or even just one critical strike. They will hit you and deplete some percentage of your XM. If you try to attack multiple portals, each one of them can attack you. There is a small possibility that the portal will not attack you, but you shouldn’t count on that. The new Portal Mods will make your life harder because a few of them are designed to increase the fire rate or force of attacks. Here is the damage that a portal can cause to you:

  • Portal L1 = -75 XM
  • Portal L2 = -150 XM
  • Portal L3 = -300 XM
  • Portal L4 = -500 XM
  • Portal L5 = -750 XM
  • Portal L6 = -1125 XM
  • Portal L7 = -1625 XM
  • Portal L8 = -2500 XM

There is also the possibility that a portal will do a critical attack, if that happens just multiply these values by 2, so you would get -5000 XM taken from you by a L8 Portal’s critical attack…

More Info

AP Gain

  • Destroying Resonator = +75 AP
  • Destroying Link = +187 AP
  • Destroying Control Field = +750 AP

Flipping Portals

There are 2 new weapons that can change everything. The ADA Refactor and Jarvis Virus, they are designed to switch portal allegiance from one faction to the other. Find out more on the Jarvis Virus and ADA Refactor pages.