Ingress Portals are key game areas. They have XM properties and you can interact with them. Portals are usually monuments, sculptures, unique architecture or publicly accessible art. Most portals are populated with the data from the Google Panoramio project and/or Field Trip. Most portals added into the game since late 2012 are user submitted.

A Portal is represented with an energy cloud swirling around its center. Portals can be neutral, in which case they are represented by the color gray in the game. If they are captured, they become green or blue – depending on which faction captured them and currently controls them.

Portal Items:

Portal Level

Portal levels range from 1 through 8. The Level is calculated as an average level of deployed resonators; for example, a level 2 portal can be made by 8 L2 resonators, or 4 L1 and 4 L3 resonators. You can also see the difference between portals of different levels in the app, by the thickness and amount of XM in the cloud that surrounds it. A portal’s level is calculated from the average level of all deployed resonators, with empty slots calculated as 0’s. There is also a limit of how many resonators of different levels one Agent can deploy, as explained here:

Max Portal Level a Single Agent can build:

  • L1 Agent = L1 Portal
  • L2 Agent = L1 Portal
  • L3 Agent = L2 Portal
  • L4 Agent = L3 Portal
  • L5 Agent = L4 Portal
  • L6 Agent = L4 Portal
  • L7 Agent = L5 Portal
  • L8 Agent = L5 Portal

Portal info:

When you click on a portal in the game, the portal info screen will open up. There you can see the photo of the Portal and the name of its author. The name of the portal and the info about its level is on the top of the screen. You will also see the name of the current owner, XM energy status and the key icon, which lights up if you have a portal key. On the bottom left you will see the status, level and position of deployed resonators. Finally, on the right side of the screen you will see action buttons which enable you to interact with the portal.


Ingress portal info window actions:

Passive actions:

  • Portal decay
  • Defense from attack

Attacking the Portal

Submitting new portal candidates

You can help the Niantic Labs team by locating, photographing and submitting candidate Portals. They will review and decide if the portal can be added to the game. You can find more about it on the official Ingress help page: New Portal Submissions . This process has been made much easier since the introduction of portal submissions direct from the scanner.