If you want Ingress to help you to find portals there is a target portal option. This option is available even if you are not in range, and is activated from the portal info view by selecting the appropriate key from your inventory, by selecting a nearby portal from your scanner, or the new Vector Options.



You can target all portals: neutral, resistance or enlightenment. “Target portal” is possible from the portal info action bar and the portal vectors. So you can interact with it on the map view.

When you use it, a section of the action circle will change color and will be like a pointer in the direction where the portal is. You will also see the distance from it on the portal. ADA – Ingress narrator will tell you how far you are from that portal, and in what cardinal direction it is from you. If the portal comes into your range “target” will be disabled and ADA will say that the target is in range, and the Portal’s info screen will pop up.