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Ingress is an Augmented Reality Game created by the Google department called Niantic Labs. It was released on November 15th 2012 with a lot of hype and a huge uproar in the gamer community.

The game is now  Live. Everyone is welcome to download and join in given they have a capable device and a data plan.   Invite codes, while not necessary (Relic of Closed Beta), provide you a means of sharing with  non-players while out in the field (also give you a nice chunk of ap to help you along).

Ingress is currently only available for Android devices and is downloadable on the Google play store. You will also need an Android 2.3+ compatible device and screen resolution of at least 480 x 800. Ingress can run on a  device with screen resolution 480 x 800, but will  cause the user to have an interface that  is cluttered and have a  game experience that is almost unplayable.
Ingress is a  fun, addicting, and immersive game you will lose yourself in. It’s designed in a way that requires you to be in close proximity to landmarks and points of interest that you  interact with in the game known as  “portals” using your mobile device (scanner).  Typical portals are Historical Landmarks, Works of Art, Statues, Government Buildings, street art and unique structures all over the physical world. It is a great way to get out, meet the community and discover your own home town.


It’s time to move agents!

Current state of Ingress: Live (updates)