A Link is a Control Field building element. A Link connects 2 fully deployed portals of the same faction, and it’s initiated from one portal to another. There are a lot of rules for linking to be possible and there is a limit to the number of links you can initiate from one portal.


There are a number of rules that you need to know before you try to establish links; if all of them are not fulfilled you will not be able to make link that you want.

  • Both portals need to be fully deployed (8 resonators)
  • Both portals need to be captured by your faction
  • You need to have the portal key of the target portal
  • You need to be in action range of the start portal
  • Start portal needs to have enough linking range to reach the target portal
  • Links can’t cross (so no linking if there is another link in the way)
  • There is a maximum of 8 outgoing links per portal, incoming links are unlimited.
  • Links cannot be made from a portal inside a field.

When all of these rules are fulfilled, you can link 2 portals.

How to create a link:

First you must be sure that all rules are fulfilled. Next go to start portal, and click on it:

 Portal card

Select Link button:


Wait for Ingress to scan all possible destination portals. Click on the portal you want to link on the map, or choose one from your inventory:

Select Portal

To finish linking, click confirm, then the linking process will begin and you have created a Link, congrats!


Portal range

Portal range is calculated like this:

Portal Range = 160 m * (Average Resonators Level ^ 4)

It’s also a bit rounded, so 40960 m is represented as 40 km. This rounding is probably to display friendly numbers and in fact, the full portal range is still enforced in the game…

Here is a Graph for Range:

And here is a bit more mathematic analysis:

Here is the range for each portal level:

  • 8 x L1 = 160 m
  • 8 x L2 = 2.6 km
  • 8 x L3 = 12 km
  • 8 x L4 = 40 km
  • 8 x L5 = 100 km
  • 8 x L6 = 207 km
  • 8 x L7 = 384 km
  • 8 x L8 = 655 km

There are number of online range calculators that can help you:

Extend Portal Link Range Using Link Amp Mod:

Rare Link Amplifiers can extend the linking distance for a Portal using this math:

  • First = Portal range x2
  • Second = Portal range x2.5
  • Third = Portal range x2.75
  • Fourth = Portal range x3


Portals also are provided mitigation based on the number of links to/from this portal.  This is combined with the values for shields to obtain the overall mitigation value for this portal.

The formula for calculating the mitigation provided per link is Math.round(400/9*Math.atan(links/Math.E)).  This provides the following mitigation values for the first 8 links:

  1. 16 mitigation
  2. 28 mitigation
  3. 37 mitigation
  4. 43 mitigation
  5. 48 mitigation
  6. 51 mitigation
  7. 53 mitigation
  8. 55 mitigation

With a formula cap of 69.8 mitigation from links, you would never be able to go higher than that without shields.  Even with shields, portals cap at 95% mitigation, which means no matter how many shields are added to a portal, the combination will never exceed 95% of the total damage that is mitigated.  Additional links/shields do provide backup though, for any others that might fall when the portal is under attack.

AP Gain:

+313 AP

XM Cost:

250 XM