Here is a list of tools that can help you with decoding Niantic Project clues and finding Ingress passcodes. Here you can find tools for text manipulating, basic conversions like text to ASCII, HEX to Base64. Tools to decipher Morse code. Than some Image exif info grabbers, and image editing tools. Than we have whole range of info and tools about various ciphers, and their implementations. And also we will feature all good mobile apps for decoding here. Many on us are on the move when we need some decoding to be done, with these tools you will have a fighting chance. Here is a list, please suggest any that we are missing:

Decoding HEX, Base64, ASCII, Binary, Morse:

Image Tools:

Exif viewer:

Other imaging services:

VSL Steganography software:

Online image editor:


Cipher list:

Cipher Tools:


Hangman solver:

Android tools:

So do you have a tool that you use for decoding and it’s not here, please share it and we will update the list. Lets make this a great decoding resource with all decoding tools we need.